As you can read from the parts descriptions, most of our products are now no longer available. 

We are taking a break from parts manufacturing and will try to focus more on other things, such as alternatives to hard to find Aprilia SXV/RXV spare parts. 

We still have some RS250 parts left, but mostly parts for RSV-R and SXV are left in stock. 

Check out our special made SXV/RXV pistons from Wössner ! 

- T12


Forged pistons for SXV/RXV 550 now available Specially made by Wössner GmbH.
With coated skirts. For standard bore 80.00mm.

Check out the Products - SXV/RXV page for more information.

- T12


Stainless steel hose clamps 10-16 mm added to the "other parts" page. 

- T12


There has been some issues with fitment of the speed sensor bracket to the rear caliper bracket (only for MK2 bikes) If this affects you (if you bought these parts for your MK2 bike) Please contact us for problem solving. This only concerns the new B version WITHOUT open pockets.

Sorry for this. 

- T12

04-07-2020 -

For the rest of 2020, there will be a 10% discount on the total order, if buying more than one part from the website. 

Consider doing group buys with friends? :-)

Shipping costs are not discounted. 

Chain adjusters for Aprilia RS250 in stock again! - These will probably be the last made, so be quick to order!

Choke grommets for RS250 / RGV250 will no longer be produced. 

Fuel tap flange in stock again!

22-06-2020 -

Chain adjusters for Aprilia RS250 will be in stock again within the next 3 weeks. 

Choke grommets for RS250 / RGV250 will no longer be produced. 

Fuel tap flange will only be available in 1.5 mm groove depth version from now on - these should also be in stock again within the next 3 weeks.

16-02-2020 -

We have some clear anodized rear caliper brackets (new version) and a couple of clear anodized sidestands for sale. Only a few! so be quick!

02-10-2018 -

We have some "cosmetically challenged" kickstart levers for RS250 for sale. Because of machining marks, they have been sanded smooth. Some measurements are out of tolerances as well, but this is just cosmetic. The parts will work just as well as the good ones also for sale.

Because of this, they will be sold for 97 Euro (incl. 25% VAT) 77,6 Euro without VAT (customers outside EU) - That's 50% off! - available both in black anodized and non anodized finish. See photos below.

24-4-2018 -

Chain adjusters for RS250 now available again. Can be ordered directly through us, unlike before.

19-3-2018 -

New page added - Aprilia SXV/RXV - under "Products"

SXV brake lever now available - much cheaper than the original cast version.

First batch of Aprilia RS250 MK1 top yokes also done. Please contact us if interested.

Brake caliper adapters for Aprilia RS250 MK1 also available now. Added to the RS250 page.

All parts will be available in black anodized finish soon. 

Chain adjusters for RS250 will be sold by us directly at lower price soon. Also available with or without anodizing.

10-3-2018 -

Please have a look at "Other Parts" under "Products" .. New parts listed, that might fit your bike or project.

We are also working on brake caliper adapters for the Aprilia RS250 MK1, to fit Ducati 749 calipers (65 mm center to center of mounting holes)

07-9-2017 -

Aprilia RS250 rear brake caliper speed sensor brackets! Bolt on option speed sensor bracket for  MK2

20 Euro incl. VAT (25%) / 16 Euro without VAT (customers outside EU)

Incl. stainless steel screws. Versions for sale are black anodized!

03-9-2017 -

Aprilia RS250 rear brake caliper brackets! 112 grams lighter than stock and with bolt on option for speed sensor (MK2) - speed sensor bracket coming soon. Versions for sale are black anodized!

90 Euro incl. VAT (25%) / 72 Euro without VAT (customers outside EU)

13-9-2016 -

Aprilia RS250 kickstart levers, cnc machined from billet 7075 aluminum. Black anodized or non anodized finish - now only 195 Euro!

13-7-2016 -

Fuel tap flanges for Aprilia RS250 now available. If you want to fit an aftermarket fuel tap to your RS250 or project bike.

Flanges comes in 2 versions, with different depth of the O-ring groove. If your fuel tank is a little warped, where the fuel tap mounts, the flange with 1.5 mm deep groove might be a better option for a tight seal, than the 2 mm deep version. Versions for sale are black anodized!

1-6-2016 -

Aprilia RS250 kickstart lever now also available in black anodized finish!

5-3-2016 -

Aprilia RS250 kickstart lever finished.

We are still working on the bottom part, but the kickstart lever will fit the original Aprilia bottom part, as shown in the photos.. Contact us for more information..

5-3-2016 -

Still a few sets of RZ350 adjustable rearsets available, please contact us for more information!

1/3-2016 -

Prototype of improved BMW S1000RR sprocket carrier completed. Next up is testing on the dyno and track.

28/2-2016 -

- Yamaha RZ350 Adjustable rearsets are now in stock again!

  Only few sets left in raw finish. -  Black anodized version is also in stock

- CNC machined aluminium kickstart lever for Aprilia RS250 available soon, keep an eye on the news page!

- Please contact us for more information.

5/1-2016 - Brass choke grommets for the Aprilia RS250 / Suzuki RGV carburetors. From 2016 now only 20 euro per set.

9/10-2015 - Testing of the lightweight sprocket carrier for Aprilia RSVR (and possible other models) was a success. No issues has been found so far. The part might be going into production next year, if there is enough interest.. Please contact us if interested.

Also - Reinforced suspension link plates has been added to the Aprilia RSVR page.

31/07-2015 - We are currently working on a lightweight sprocket carrier for the Aprilia RSVR, this sprocket carrier will also fit other Aprilia models. (will be about 400-500 grams lighter) Prototype testing will begin soon.

5/12/2014 - The adjustable rearsets for Yamaha RD/RZ350 is currently being tested, so far everything looks good. Production should start within a month or so.

We are also working on the Aprilia SXV chain adjusters.. the prototype is done and will now be sent out for testing. This is not the final design, some changes will be made.

- T12

18/11/2014 - The first prototype of our adjustable rearsets for Yamaha RZ/RD 350 are ready. They will now be sent out for testing. They are expected to be in production soon. If interested, please contact us.

We are currently working on chain-adjusters for Aprilia RXV/SXV Supermotard and Aprilia RSVR.


20/8/2014 - Test fitting of "rearsets" (not really rearset, as they are in the same position as the stock ones) for Aprilia RSVR 2004-2008. With these new rearset, you will be able to fit quickshift systems, as the gearlever is located on the footrest, connecting to the engine with a push rod as most motorcycles. You will also get the advantage of moving the stock rear brake master to a almost vertical and much colder location than the stock placement underneath the engine. This should in theory solve the rearbrake bleed problem.

The rearsets are designed to take the stock brake master and heel plates. More information soon.

Sorry for the poor picture quality.


1/7/2014 - The first batch of RS250 Sidestands are ready! Only available in black for now.

More information can be found under Products - Aprilia RS250 or by clicking Here

Email us to order one!

- T12

19/6/2014 - Due to some problems with the anodizing company, the sidestands have been delayed. If everything goes as planned, they should be ready for sale next week! We are very sorry for the delay!

- T12

20/5/2014 - Sidestand for Aprilia RS250 ready! Machined from billet aircraft grade aluminium. Spring and all fasternes in stainless steel. The sidestand is about 500 grams ligther than the stock sidestand! (more precise numbers soon)

The angle of the sidestand has been corrected, so the bike will stand more upright and not look like it is falling over (like with the stock sidestand)

Non anodized versions will be ready for sale next week.

- T12

20/3/2014 - Prototype battery support block and battery clamp for Aprilia RSVR (2004-2009).  Fitting the Yuasa YTZ12S battery, the stock battery clamp isn't high enough and the battery has to be raised, as it is not as tall as the stock battery.

- T12

11/3/2014 - We are currently working on a set of yokes and steering stem for a Ducati 888 Corse. Just out of the machineshop.. Machined from solid blocks of aircraft grade aluminium. Designed to look like the stock yokes.

- T12

2/3/2014 - The Aprilia RSVR Stator Oil Cooling kits are now available! Pictures and fitting instructions will be added tomorrow.

- T12

3/3/2014 - Pictures and fittings instructions added to the Aprilia Stator oil cooling kit today, we hope you like it!

- T12

27/2/2014 - The Aprilia RSVR Stator Oil Cooling Kits will be ready for sale next week! Email us for more info.

Also, our CNC machined chain-adjusters for the Aprilia RS250 will be ready for sale very soon! These will be sold by TTW (www.thetuningworks.co.uk). Our product page will be updated with a direct link, when they are ready!

- T12

20/2/2014 - We are currently testing some new high tensile strength aluminium nuts! Looks at these nice little flanged M8 nuts, 30% taller than regular nuts but stronger than normal steel nuts. Testing this nut, the high tensile strength steel bolt (12.9) snapped!

- Same nut size in regular height is still stronger than the steel nut used for testing. Steel nut broke before we could pull 40 Nm, Aluminium nut broke at 45 Nm!

8/2/2014 - Working on the Aprilia RSVR Stator Oil Cooling kit.. Here's some pictures for you :)

Work still in progress! The Stator Oil Cooling kits will hopefully be ready for sale this month!

21/1/2014 - Our new logo is ready!

1/1/2014 - Website is online, but still under construction! I hope you like it :-)