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Aprilia RS250 MK1 Brake caliper adapters 40 mm to 65 mm

Offset 5 mm.

With these you can fit a caliper with 65mm between bolt centers. The MK1 RS250 fork has 40mm between the bolts.

Shown in the photo is a caliper from a Ducati 749 (Brembo P4/34 34

Black anodized finish only!

Available in non anodized finish on order.

89 Euro incl. VAT (25%) / 71,2 Euro without VAT (customers outside EU)

Aprilia RS250 MK1 top yoke.

Offset as the original.  - Not possible to use the ignition switch/steering lock with this yoke!

200 grams lighter than stock and 530 grams lighter if you include the weight of the ignition switch.

Black anodized finish only!

Available in non anodized finish on order.

250 Euro incl. VAT (25%) / 200 Euro without VAT (customers outside EU)

Incl. stainless steel tapered head screws.

No longer available!

Aprilia RS250 rear brake caliper speed sensor brackets! Bolt on option speed sensor bracket for MK2.

Will only fit out rear caliper brackets.

Black anodized finish only.

20 Euro incl. VAT (25%) / 16 Euro without VAT (customers outside EU)

Incl. stainless steel screws.

Aprilia RS250 rear brake caliper brackets! Lighter than stock and with bolt on option for speed sensor (MK2) - speed sensor bracket.

MK1 version without speed sensor bracket - 73 grams lighter than stock.

MK2 version with speed sensor bracket - 19 grams lighter than stock.
New updated version per 2020

Black anodized finish / a few in stock in clear anodized finish

90 Euro incl. VAT (25%) / 72 Euro without VAT (customers outside EU)

CNC machined aluminium fuel tap flange for Aprilia RS250.

Machined from billet aircraft grade aluminium.

Comes with stainless bolts and washers.

included is also a high quality fuel resistant Viton O-ring.

Thread is 3/8" NPT.

If the area around your fuel tap flange is damaged or not completely flat (could be because of ethanol damage) please make sure to fix this before fitting the new flange. 

Block sanding and coating with fuel and ethanol reistant paint or epoxy will usually work.

Black anodized finish only.

-  27 Euro (incl. 25% VAT) 21.6  Euro without VAT (customers outside EU)

CNC machined aluminium kickstart lever for Aprilia RS250.

Machined from billet 7075 aluminium.

Weights less than the stock lever and  sits a little further away from the frame when folded in, compared to stock.

Stock kickstart lever - 370 grams

T12 kickstart lever - 140 grams

Will fit the stock bottom part of the kickstart.

- This is only the lever  - the lower part that attaches to the engine, is not included!

!Now also available in black anodized finish!

-  195 Euro (incl. 25% VAT) 156 Euro without VAT (customers outside EU)

T12 - Improved CNC machined aluminium sidestand for Aprilia RS250 MK1 / MK2.

Machined from billet aircraft grade aluminium - super fine surface finish and anodized black.

- Weighs half a kilo less than the stock sidestand!

- Less lean angle on bike - Stands more upright with this sidestand

- Comes complete with stainless steel spring and fasteners.

Note - The sidestand switch will have to be disabled when using this sidestand. 

1 Complete sidestand - 195 Euro Incl. VAT (25%) 

156 Euro without VAT (customers outside EU)

Currently out of stock!

T12 CNC machined chain adjusters for the Aprilia RS250 (all years)

Machined from billet aircraft aluminium and fitted with stainless steel fasteners,

these chain adjusters will give you precise adjustment of the rear wheel and give your bike a race inspired look.

By installing these adjusters, there's no need to fiddle about with 2 small spanners to adjust the chain,

now it can be easily done by just turning the adjuster screw in the back of the adjusters with a 5mm hex key!

108 Euro without VAT / 135 Euro incl. VAT (25%)

Fittings instructions can be found Here

Choke grommets for Aprilia RS250/Suzuki RGV carburetors

Choke grommets for the Aprilia RS250 / Suzuki RGV carburetors.

Over time the original plastic ones (black one in the picture) will break.

Made from brass, these will not break.

We advice applying a little grease to the thread, before installing them.

No longer available!

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